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General Advice

During peak holiday times St Ives can be tricky place to park. If you are visiting outside of a school holiday then you should be able to find parking in all car parks without too much difficulty.

Avoiding the Queues
During the summer months, all Cornwall Council car parks get very busy and you may be better off heading directly for the large Trenwith car park at the top of St Ives (signposted “1,000 spaces car park”).

With narrow cobbled streets, St Ives town centre is not very car friendly. Unless you specifically want to park in this area you should consider parking in the larger out-of-town car parks and catch a bus into the town.

The Best Time to Find Parking
If you do want to find parking closing to the town centre, the best time is early on changeover days which are usually Friday or Saturday. Be warned that there are no places to queue for parking so you may be turned away from the car parks if others are waiting.

Disabled Parking

A Cornwall Council car parks have reserved disabled parking. All blue badge holders are required to pay the normal parking fee unless the vehicle is exempt from vehicle tax or the vehicle is especially adapted. All car parks have details displayed next to the payment machines.

The Stennack Surgery also offer 4 dedicated disabled parking spaces.

St Ives Parking Map

Have further questions?

The Love St Ives Facebook Group is a great place to ask questions and get quick answers.

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